Forex offers some of the best risk-reward opportunities in the financial markets,
creating a great opportunity for traders to buy and sell currencies around the clock 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

TitleLimit & Stop LevelsPip Value Per 1LotMargin Per 1LotStandard Size per 1LotSwap LongSwap Short
USDJPY301,000 JPY3,333.33 USD100,000 USD1.7955-9.3555
USDCHF3010 CHF3,333.33 USD100,000 USD3.078-10.0485
USDCAD3010 CAD3,333.33 USD100,000 USD-1.7325-6.006
NZDUSD3010 USD5,000 NZD100,000 NZD-2.2-2.9
NZDJPY301,000 JPY5,000 NZD100,000 NZD2.565-8.547
NZDCHF3010 CHF5,000 NZD100,000 NZD3.3345-8.778
NZDCAD3010 CAD5,000 NZD100,000 NZD-1.4275-6.237
EURUSD3010 USD3,333.33 EUR100,000 EUR-10.3954.28
GBPNZD3010 NZD5,000 GBP100,000 GBP-10.850.44
GBPJPY301,000 JPY3,333.33 GBP100,000 GBP1.225-7.025
GBPCHF3010 CHF3,333.33 GBP100,000 GBP2.13-8.2005
GBPCAD3010 CAD3,333.33 GBP100,000 GBP-8.778-1.2705
GBPAUD3010 AUD5,000 GBP100,000 GBP-13.51352.6505
EURNZD3010 NZD5,000 EUR100,000 EUR-17.1163.915
EURJPY301,000 JPY3,333.33 EUR100,000 EUR-4.9665-2.772
EURGBP3010 GBP3,333.33 EUR100,000 EUR-4.50450.64
EURCHF3010 CHF3,333.33 EUR100,000 EUR-1.848-4.851
EURCAD3010 CAD3,333.33 EUR100,000 EUR-12.4963.411
EURAUD3010 AUD5,000 EUR100,000 EUR-16.5445.76
CHFJPY301,000 JPY3,333.33 CHF100,000 CAD-6.1215-1.0395
CADJPY301,000 JPY3,333.33 CAD100,000 CAD0.315-6.688
CADCHF3010 CHF3,333.33 CAD100,000 CAD1.539-6.699
AUDNZD3010 NZD5,000 AUD100,000 AUD100,000-2.85
AUDJPY301,000 JPY5,000 AUD100,000 AUD1.323-7.81
AUDCHF3010 CHF5,000 AUD100,000 AUD3.078-8.778
AUDCAD3010 CAD5,000 AUD100,000 AUD-1.793-5.115
GBPUSD3010 USD3,333.33 GBP100,000 GBP-8.452.06
AUDUSD3010 USD5,000 AUD100,000 AUD-2.248-2.568

Note: The company, for risk management purposes, reserves the right to change the client’s account leverage based on trading activity or to reflect prevailing market conditions.
A possible reduction in leverage may cause the liquidation of some or all of the client’s positions.

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