Indices and Commodities

Grasp the opportunity, spot a stock index or commodity opportunity, open a position and expand the variety of your portfolio/ suitable for both short and long term trading strategies and speculations.

TitleUnderlyingCurrencyTick sizeTick ValuePosition Size (min-max)Trading Hours (Server Time)
US OILSpot WTI Crude OilUSD0.010.01 USD1 – 10003:00-01:00
UK OILSpot Brent Crude OilGBP0.010.01 GBP1 – 10001:00-24:00
WS 30Dow Jones 30 Stock IndexUSD0.010.01 USD1 – 1009:05-22:55
SP 500S&P 500 Stock IndexUSD0.010.01 USD1 – 1009:05-22:55
UK 100FTSE 100 Stock IndexGBP0.010.01 GBP1 – 1009:05-22:55
DAX 30German DAX 30 Stock IndexEUR0.010.01 EUR1 – 1009:05-22:55

Trading hours are subject to change without prior notice. Liquidity Providers may adjust trading schedule as necessary, depending on market conditions

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